Free Online Dating Does It Actually Work

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NOTE: This article contains many questions regarding the effectiveness of free online dating with few answers… you have been warned

Obviously there is little point in signing up for a free online dating site if your efforts will not be eventually fruitful. So it’s a good question to ask if your efforts WILL be worthwhile.

Can you set up multiple dates for the weekend from the comfort of your own home?

Can you organise secret intimate encounters with couples?

Can you find your true love?

Can you organise marriages cross boarders?

Can you really signup without paying a dime and email hot women while watching friends re-runs and eating Mac-D’s?

In short: Are free (or paid) online dating sites really all they are cracked up to be?

Lets Face It: For most “eligible” bachelors out there we wouldn’t be seen dead with some (or most) of the women on dating sites. This is not to say girls on dating site are filthy it’s just a reflection of reality.

We wouldn’t go out with many of the women we see at the bus stop either so why should online dating be any different? What I am interested in is how many guys that use online dating sites such as Loveawake VS say eHarmony actually get real quality relationships out of them as a result.

Many of the singles that you see online have been registered for years – they are still online and still online regularly (log in data). Have these women been on multiple dates as a result of using the site and just not been happy with what they saw or is online dating just not working out for them?

I think oktrends should come out a more useful set of values (not that they aren’t doing a great job)…

If it could be possible to get conversion data on a successful match’s or successful date’s then they could design there whole matching system around that.

They already do this to some extend with statistical matching but I am talking about analysing exactly what each single did leading up to the successful date.

What types of emails they sent and where they met on the site. This way they could find out what will give you the best chance of finding a real relationship when you are online.

Many guys out there would love to know what really works and what worked for someone else:.

What lines and phrases you should use… ? The dialogue that other guys have used successfully. It would be interesting if there were free online dating trends in 1 on 1 chat.

Is the chat that results in an unsuccessful date sexually orientated in any way? Or Vice Versa.

Are there trends in introduction emails that never get replied to?

not because you want to trick a girl into anything but just because a single date at all would be nice for some guys. We understand that we are the majority when it comes to dating online and women have an automatic guard up (understandably) to protect against whatever else is out their trawling the interwebs. Men (like real life) have to compete against each other for the attention of the attractive women.

Well the dynamic of free online dating is a little different. It levels the playing field and allows the little guy to get a chance.

What would be interesting to know is – who gets picked? What is the selection criteria for choice when comparing similar profiles?

A recent oktrends article suggested that the riskier the profile picture of women the more attention they got from men. The greater the sexual suggestiveness.. the more emails women get.

What do men need to do to get a higher response rate?

The original question was – Does free online dating actually work?

Could you meet your future wife online?

The answer is a resounding YES

But the effectiveness and efficiency with which it can be done is yet clear. If you are really looking for a wife then you should not be looking on free dating sites with exception of perhaps okcupid. Shell out some cash and find some serious daters at and eHarmony.

Free online dating sites are great for casual dating and short term dating. If your in your early to mid 20’s or are relaxed about relationships in your 30’s and 40’s then absolutely free online dating could be for you.

It really depends on the person involved. Loveawake has a wide variety of cultures and income levels. There are also people looking for different things.

Respect what women are looking for and understand they will have some objections to your advances.

Don’t forget that the girls on free dating sites are also looking to have a good time in the short term – it’s just a matter of finding that right one in your area.

Sometimes it’s a matter of right place right time, being online frequently and not being forceful in your approach is recommended.

CONLUSION: So we have jumped all over the place here: In an effort to turn this rubble into some sort of free standing structure I would have to suggest that free online dating is an amazing tool that you should be using… You can get as many quality dates as you can handle if you use both free and paid online dating sites ( girls date for free, cupid, isingles, single parent meet, bb people meet, black people meet) and if you live in a big city.

Free online dating works but it’s not as good as you want it to be… yet

Meaning the ratio is a little skewed towards women and they are often tentative to actually meet offline. With practice you can make it work.